Semi-finished vehicles biscuit favors

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New shapes of semi-finished terracotta vehicles for ceramics and decoupage to make ceramic and decoupage wedding favors.

Numerous models of vehicles in terracotta for majolica.A series of vehicles made of white earthenware, raw ceramic or biscuit which can be left raw, glazed, decorated with ceramic and acrylic colors or useful for applying decoupage. The ceramic piece is produced by hand by master craftsmen, according to the ancient techniques of Caltagirone manufacturing, in some phases created with the help of molds and models, where the finishes are done by hand: which makes each piece unique! The potter molds and shapes the objects on rotating lathes with a clayey earth, which once dried are cooked in the oven at almost 1000° C and give life to the so-called "biscuit", a name that derives from the fact that the latter lends itself to being annealed once decorated. Online sale of different models and formats designed for every special moment in life, such as baptism, first communion, confirmation, graduation; when you intend to celebrate and remember a particular event, it is advisable for wedding favors and invitations, to be personalized for company gadgets, vespar rallies, motorbike rallies for vintage ornaments. The piece allows you to customize it according to your taste and needs: elegant, fun, simple or rich in decorations.


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Articoli in semilavorato per la ceramica forme di veicoli in biscotto
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Biscotto per bomboniere terracotta bianca e cotto rosso da smaltare decorare.
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