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04/01/2012Glazed terracotta art

The techniques most commonly used for glazing an object are:spray;for immersion;The spraying technique, widely used for the glazing of large items, such as tables of lava stone or large earthenware vases, requires very specific equipment such as compressor equipped with a spray gun, Cab glazing wate..

08/27/2013PAlline Ceramica
PAlline Ceramica

Decorate Christmas decorationsA collection of tutorials and images to explain how to make ceramic decorations on a whole range of Christmas items.The balls are dipped in semi-finished clay in the glaze and then decorated with ceramic colors, follow the cooking granfuoco makes the glazed surface of t..

01/16/2014Forged during the lathe.
Forged during the lathe.

 In Caltagirone , city of ceramics for excellence in the heart of UNESCOWorld Heritage Site, there will be a Level I course of ceramics andlathe.The course will last for seven days and has the purpose of forming a figureprofessional who will be able to learn the basic techniques of the art ofla..

06/27/2014How to mount a movement to watch.
How to mount a movement to watch.

To install a quartz movement just follow the instructions below.Following the figure at the right:1° step: (1-2) insert the metal hook into the hole under pressure.2° step: (2-3-4) Fit the washer-gasket and insert the movement of the building in house, use the bushing and screw to anchor the who..