Brushes for ceramics

07/26/2011Methods of payment
Methods of payment

THE LIFE OF BRUSHThe brush is a seemingly simplebut extremely complex catalyzes professionalism.In this small and noble tool, you mustonly the masterpieces of the great masters of painting,but also extraordinary crafts, science,aesthetic or simple everyday use.Like any valuable item, you m..

07/26/2011The hair as usual.

CHARACTERISTICS OF BRUSHES :    SABLE :Obtained from the tail of the marten , this coat is distinguished by its softness and its ductility. The most popular among the sable is the sable for its high quality. Going up the scale we find the precious " Kolinsky " ( hair of the tai..

03/28/2012The care of the brushes.
The care of the brushes.

 TO MAINTAIN A LONG BRUSHtakes a few simple rules:01 - Thoroughly wash the brush after each use andtake care that no waste remains storedon the edge of the ring.These impurities cause a devastating enlargement..

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