City of Ceramics.

07/15/2011History of the City of Ceramics.
History of the City of Ceramics.

Located in central Siclia, the center of Caltagirone area, is famous for the production of ceramics, activities developed over the centuries from the times of ancient Greeks. After a glorious past that saw, for over two millennia, the stronghold of privileged Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and..

04/16/2012Terminology of Ceramic.

Technical terms used in the ceramics sector.Clay: is the term that defines a lithified sediment of extremely fine (the size of the granules are less than 2 uM in diameter) consisting mainly of alumino-silicate hydrates belonging to the class of phyllosilicates.Slip: clay yield creamy mix with ..

12/27/2013Processing ceramic clay

Ceramics are obtained by processing a variety of objects , which concern an equally large number of sectors , rather see the wikipedia Ceramics can see all the variations and loans obtained through the handling and firing of clay .We concentrate on the production of terracotta for better i..

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