Methods of payment

 Cash on delivery

This mode is not available.

Credit Card
We accept most major credit cards, including prepaid cards and rechargeable, issued exclusively on the Italian territory:
Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express.
With payment by credit card will be charged an additional fee to be paid to pay pal for the transaction. Orders placed with American Express and Diners Card, and those with Visa, Mastercard and Aura of any amount, before being entrusted to the carrier shall be subject to verification of authenticity directly with the relevant institutions. These checks may take up to 2 working days may be added in the Time of Entrustment to Corrire. If the inspections genuineness of the transaction did not turn out to be safe, proceed with the cancellation of the order.

Bank Transfer
If you choose this method of payment, once placed the order you must follow the following procedure: the causal appearing on the bank transfer must state the number and date of the order, the name and surname of; bank transfer must be made in favor of:

Beneficiary: Art Cotto srl
Bank: B.C.C. Nyssa OF THE SOMMATINO And SERRADIFALCO S.C.R.L. - IT35E0898583910008000001901 IBAN - BIC: ICRAITRRRD0 The banking practice provides that the credit transfer is credited to the account of the beneficiary (Arte Cotto srl) not earlier than 3/5 working days from its execution, so in these days will be added to the days between the date of the order and the date on which the customer can arrange a bank transfer. 10 days after the date of acceptance of the order without Arte Cotto srl has received the credit of the banking, will cancel the order.

PayPal is an online payment system that provides for the opening of an account with PayPal. Concluding a purchase with this type of payment you will see a page on the PayPal site where you can enter the e-mail address and personal password of your PayPal account, or access the procedure for creating a new one. After registration you can make payments via PayPal without having to re-enter the data, even for subsequent purchases. If you choose this method of payment is debited directly from your PayPal account (transaction costs 3.4% + € 0.35). PayPal protects your buyer information. For each transaction performed by this method will be sent an email confirmation from PayPal. The order amount is charged to your PayPal account at the time of order. In case of cancellation the amount will be refunded to the customer's PayPal account. We accept payment only by registered users of the site Italian PayPal.